Help Prevent & Respond to Child Exploitation

The orphans and the oppressed will be terrified no longer, for You will bring them justice and no one will trouble them. Psalms 10.18


To empower Adults to Prevent & Respond to Child Exploitation with Christ-Centered Justice



Be a “Watchful eye” today!

Gain the tools and skills needed to protect the children in your life!

United States Children Who Are Exploited and Abused

OPEN👁️‍🗨️EYE REPORT: Unmasking Child Exploitation in the United States

Click the button below to request a digital copy of 10.18’s “Open Eye Report,” which includes shocking findings from 20 years’ worth of federal data and direct reports from frontline workers.

What’s Happening

Donated Office Space

Through the generosity of one of our ministry partners, we have been donated a short-term office space of approx. 1,500 square feet in their newly acquired building in Independence, MO. The facility also includes the shared use of a training room. This will allow us to start operating in a commercial space for only the…

Our programs

What We Do to Reduce Child Exploitation

Our mission to empower adults to prevent and respond to child exploitation with Christ-centered justice is accomplished by providing three core service programs that educate, train, and aid with a child-centered focus.


Together We Are Protecting Kids & Impacting Lives

We’re On A Mission to Reduce Child Exploitation in America.