Hope For Our Nation's Children Is Found In We The People

The exploitation of America’s children is growing exponentially. Hope for America’s children isn’t found in our broken government systems. It is found in WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! We are here to give our citizens, like you, the tools needed to protect the children in your lives and the children in your community. Together, we will protect kids through preventative action and child-centered advocacy.


We educate you on the realities of child exploitation in the U.S. and the societal impacts it has on your community. So that you can impact one of the greatest mission fields in crisis and it's in your backyard.

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We educate, equip, and empower you, no matter your level of experience, to be an effective voice for children even amid complex situations and systems so that your voice is heard and not just part of the noise.

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We mobilize communities and individuals like you to have a watchful eye on the kids within your spheres of influence. So that the local kids who fall through the gaps of social services have a caring adult willing and able to protect them.

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You can be the Catalyst for Change.

Hope for America’s children isn’t found in our broken government systems, it’s found in you. With only 30 minutes of your time, you can gain the tools needed to help protect the children in your life!

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Upcoming Events


Unmasking Child Exploitation

2022's Unmasking Child Exploitation Masquerade Gala Celebrates 10.18 Strategy's impact on more than 2,200 traumatized & at-risk children! The Gala will celebrate achievements and "unmask" the most overlooked group of children within the Kansas City metro community and throughout the United States.

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First Wish Children’s Christmas Drive

Traumatized children's first Christmas wish is to be safe, loved, and connected! By giving to traumatized children, we empower monumental moments that reveal a brilliant, possible world that will stay with them for a lifetime!

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