Awareness is about bringing you, the American people, knowledge about the hidden realities of child exploitation within our country. And the societal impacts it has, on us as families and as communities.

Only 3% of the 8 Million Children Reported as Abused Receive Protective Care!

It’s all around us but do we see it? Children being abused, neglected, exploited, abandoned, or forgotten. They’re in our neighborhoods, churches, schools, and perhaps our own families. One of the greatest mission fields in crisis is located within our own backyards.

If in doubt, look no further than your own community. Wherever you find substance abuse, mental health, homelessness, and crime you will find that nearly 80% of those involved also suffered severe child abuse and neglect. When we ignore child exploitation, we enable the reactive destruction of our communities.

For decades, our nation’s most vulnerable children have been crying out for help. Unfortunately, their cries have mostly gone ignored.

The Government Model Isn’t Working

  • 57% increase in children reported as abused every year
  • 41% increase of child fatalities from abuse and neglect
  • 25% decrease in the number of children in protective care
  • 78% of child welfare workers stated that children’s abuse was severe or extreme
  • 87% of experienced professionals stated that child abuse and neglect is connected to adult substance abuse

Hope For America’s Children Is Found In You

Hope for America’s children isn’t found in our broken government systems. It is found in YOU! We are here to give you the tools needed to protect the children in your lives and the children in your community. By empowering you to be the Watchful Eye for the children around you. Together, We the People, can all take action to provide a world where children are safe, valued, loved, chosen, wanted, and cherished.

Top Child Abuse Statistics

By increasing your awareness and education on the realities of child exploitation in the U.S., we help you be fully aware of the risks facing our nations children and what you can do about it. The 10.18 Strategy “Open Eye Report”, includes shocking findings from 20 years worth of federal data and reports from experienced frontline workers.