Child Advocacy Training

We provide more positive outcomes for children by training & coaching individuals like you in the realities of child exploitation, child abuse prevention, and effective advocacy. We provide individuals with the most diverse and realistic training possible through our proprietary training developed from over 600 hours of collaboration with experienced frontline professionals.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Martin Luther King

We Empower You to Have a Voice

Advocacy is about educating, equipping, and empowering individuals like you, of all experience levels, to be an effective voice for children. There is always a starting point for every great movement. A place where you become aware of a need and decide to be the solution. Advocacy training is simply about turning your outcry into an effective and strategic action plan to impact lives.

By empowering people like you with the tools and resources to effectively advocate, we can expand child protection throughout this nation. Advocacy has varied levels of commitment and our model has been designed to accommodate these differences:

1) Starting Place: Watchful Eye Training

By teaching the core elements to PREVENT and RESPOND to abuse, we empower our citizens, like you, to be the “Watchful Eye” for the children in your life. This training contains essential information that every caring adult needs to understand, but is not commonly known. By simplifying and condensing this information, we can enable you to be the watchful eyes and ears of your community. Giving you the assessment tools needed to recognize if a child is in danger or at risk. You can take the Watchful Eye training in two ways:

2) Get Advocacy Coaching

Situations happen and no matter your level of training sometimes you just need to get coaching on how to handle a specific situation. This is why our advocacy program doesn’t stop with training. We know first-hand that at some point you will need to have advocacy coaching as you choose to engage amid situations with children that may be difficult.

3) In-Depth Child Advocacy Training

*Coming Soon! “Becoming a Steadfast Child-Centered Advocate” training. If you want to pursue child advocacy in a serious way, we have an in-depth training specifically designed for you. Our proprietary training was developed from collaboration with experienced advocates, child welfare professionals, foster/adoptive parents, therapists, and child abuse survivors. Child advocacy certification options will be made available as part of the training program.

Our advocacy program is a perfect fit for individuals of all levels of experience. This unique program has a strong Biblical basis, as the life of Jesus is the perfect model for what advocacy looks like. The training is open to anyone with a desire to learn how to effectively and professionally advocate for children. Here is what we teach in this in-depth advocacy training:

What’s Taught In Advocacy Training

  • Effective Emotional Intelligence – gives you the confirmation that you are ready and able to utilize the emotional, social, and relational skills needed to engage in broken situations.
  • Purpose Driven Professionalism – gives you the ability to be a strategic voice that is heard amid the opinionated noise of broken situations, systems, and societies.
  • God-Driven Game Plan – no matter your level of experience, you can have an eternal perspective and focus to be an effective child advocate.
  • Faith-Filled Advocacy – gives you the steadfastness to engage in the spiritual battle fought over a child’s life trajectory, thereby interrupting destructive generational cycles.
  • Applying Advocacy Strategies – gives you the ability to apply a peace-filled process that empowers strategic positive outcomes for the child, yourself, your family, and other parties involved.