Prevention of child abuse & exploitation is Always Best!

Our mission is to reduce child abuse and exploitation. Above all, prevention is most effective and a key to improving long-term outcomes in children’s lives. Therefore, the human, social, and economic toll is so much less than solely a response-drive approach:

Watchful Eye Child Abuse Prevention Training

National Child Exploitation Stats

Include Children With Loving and Caring Adults

An untold number of victims have shared their heart-wrenching stories with us. As a result, we have wept, held, and cried with many as they have shared the horrors they have experienced. Many of them tell their stories to us for the very first time. In addition, the vast majority had a loving and caring adult in their lives who did not know how to prevent or recognize the abuse happening. In short, if the adults in their lives knew what to do, they could have helped to prevent or stop their abuse! Likewise, our country’s 50 million adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse can confirm these sobering realities. To make the desperately needed impact, we must first be aware of the systematic failures and assess the gaps in which children don’t get help. So, we must become innovative in providing child abuse prevention and early detection.

The key to prevention

education & training

Our prevention training was born from victims’ requests to teach adults to protect children. To clarify, they are the ones that propelled us towards a passionate focus on prevention. Therefore, we are equipping parents, grandparents, relatives, caregivers, educators, friends, neighbors, and others. Indeed, to be skilled in the prevention and early detection of child exploitation.

Training our citizens to safeguard children helps create no safe spaces for predators among us. In addition, it creates an environment where they continually guess who is skilled at detecting their schemes. Therefore, join us in the mission to reduce child exploitation within the United States!

We’re On A Mission to Reduce Child Exploitation in America.