Foster Care is Changing. It’s Time to Innovate.

Our nation is changing rapidly, and it’s response to our endangered children is changing as well. For more than six months our leadership team at 10.18 has been anxiously waiting for more influential voices to speak up about these changes…but the waiting has been met with silence. We are breaking that silence today! National plans are already in motion to reallocate and redistribute large portions of services away from America’s endangered children. By redistributing the use of EXISTING social service resources, services & staff it is estimated that up to….

95% of America’s VERIFIED VICTIMIZED CHILDREN will NOT receive any form of protective services.

Innovative and solutions-based services outside of the foster care system like 10.18 Strategy are now urgently needed!!! We have already been meeting this need through advocacy coaching. To properly respond to this growing crisis, we are expanding with child advocacy programs and assessing the most effective forms of prevention.

It is no longer a matter of IF you will encounter an endangered child, it is a matter of WHEN!

At 10.18 Strategy, we are preparing to equip caring adults within the United States to be ready to recognize and respond to signs of child abuse, neglect, and exploitation! Parents, grandparents, relatives, caregivers, educators, and members of the community can protect the children within their own sphere of influence. We will do this by executing our mission in three distinct ways:

1) Increase child exploitation AWARENESS

2) Empower child-centered ADVOCACY

3) Mobilize community ACTION

The story of Nehemiah has many profound nuggets of wisdom, but we are going to focus on just one today. Amid the ruins of destruction, an impossible situation, the strategy of the Lord was for the laborers to “build what was in front of them”. What could not be accomplished in 20 years was done in a staggering 52 days by following this strategy. Amid this situation…

we see an OPPORTUNITY for the Body of Christ to rise with boldness, by doing what is in front of them!