Be a Watchful Eye: Protect the Kids in Your Life

Hope for America’s children isn’t found in our broken government systems. It is found in YOU THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! We are here to give our citizens, like you, the tools and information needed so you can take action. Our Watchful Eye Training is the first step to educating yourself on how you can protect the children in your life. Together, we can and will protect our nation’s children through awareness, child-centered advocacy, and action.

💡Note: The Watchful Eye Training has been consciously created from extensive collaboration with experienced child advocates, therapists, child welfare professionals, and survivors using examples and scenarios from real life stories. Consideration for a learner’s potential trauma history was also considered. This means that difficult content is divided and rated (PG, PG-13, & R) so you can self-direct your learning in accordance with your emotional capacity. We have taken great effort to give you pertinent information without unnecessary or explicit details.

The Watchful Eye Training Will Teach You The:

  • Practical Things We All Can Do to Protect Kids
  • Tools to Perceive Risks and Properly Identify Abuse
  • Subtle Warning Signs to Look For
  • Patterns of Behavior that are Common with Perpetrators
  • Shocking Techniques Used in Grooming
  • Red Flags Warnings to Quickly Recognize Manipulation
  • W.A.T.C.H. Assessment Tool to Aid You in Assessing Risk vs. Danger
  • Process of When & How to Make A Report
  • Things You Can Do Amid Inaction

The Watchful Eye Training Empowers You With:

  • Actionable Guidance that You Can Apply Immediately
  • Confidence in Your Ability to Discern and Protect the Children in Your Life
  • Knowledge on How to Prevent or Minimize Unnecessary Harm
  • Skills to Know What to Do and When to Engage
  • Knowledge of What Items are Important to Pay Attention To
  • Knowledge to Become a Vital and Reliable Resource of Fact-based Information
  • Confidence to Initiate Important Conversations
  • Actionable Items to Engage for the Well-Being of the Child
  • Ability to Work with People in Leadership or Decision Making
  • Useful Responses Amid Difficult Circumstances

Being a Watchful Eye Allows You to Make a Lasting Impact in the Life of a Vulnerable Child!