We the People

are the solution & catalyst for change

We the people are the solution. 10.18’s approach is unconventional because the need is too big and too urgent to become another child welfare organization that settles within the constraints of our nation’s broken system. These children’s lives depend on our innovative and dedicated action, and we will not fail them. The need is significant, but the solution is simple…

The Solution

Power of ONE caring adult

In review of thousands of victim’s gripping stories, a common point emerged:

ONE Caring Adult Was Present & would have acted IF they had known how!


1% of adults to Be “Watchmen”

What would it take for every child in America to have someone looking out for them? A complex question but a relatively simple answer. A movement “of 1% of the people” is needed, not the masses but a remnant!

Protect America's Children from Abuse and Exploitation thru We the People solutions

Only 1% of adults in the United States is needed, and every child in America can have someone looking out for them!

THE Application


Story of Nehemiah Gives us the Strategy to Rebuild Broken Places

This strategy and the principles of how to engage and apply amid complex systems and situations is found in our child advocacy training series.