Our first goal at 10.18 is to prevent child abuse and exploitation by educating adults to safeguard and protect the children in their lives. At the same time, we must not negate the need to be ready to identify and stop child abuse of all forms —to respond immediately, appropriately, and effectively.

Identify and Stop Child Exploitation

To correctly identify and stop child abuse requires knowledge that most citizens do not have. Our vision is to equip at least 1% of the U.S. adult population with this essential life-changing information before it is needed! Because early detection and action are essential to reducing a child’s suffering.

Understanding the connection between child abuse exploitation neglect and health and social problems


Identification Training

Our identification training came from victims’ heartfelt pleas to teach adults to protect children. To provide practical skills on how to identify subtle indicators and provide early detection.  

Our exclusive identification training came from thousands of hours of collaboration with experts, frontline professionals, and victims. Now our citizens, regardless of skill level, can learn to recognize behavior patterns and subtle indicators like trained professionals.

Listen to Nudges

Be Engaged

Be a Voice

Take Action

Quick to Observe

Watchful Eye


OPEN EYE REPORT: Unmasking Child Exploitation in the United States

Click the button below to request a free digital copy of 10.18’s Open Eye Report, which includes shocking findings from 20 years’ of cross-sectional confirmation of federal reports, expert analysis and experiences of frontline workers.

The Solution

Power of ONE caring adult

In review of thousands of victim’s gripping stories, several common key points emerged: