Through the generosity of one of our ministry partners, we have been donated a short-term office space of approx. 1,500 square feet in their newly acquired building in Independence, MO. The facility also includes the shared use of a training room. This will allow us to start operating in a commercial space for only the cost of utilities and space renovations.

The Ministry Partnership

God’s Love Ministries led by Pastors Billy & Cheri Tharp and Team Jesus led by Pastor Brian & Yvette Carlisle are at their core ALL about Jesus and about loving people! Some of the most genuine and loving people you will ever meet. We have been honored to be in partnership with them for over the last 18 months and they always approach every situation with an attitude to give and serve. At our Summer of Love event last August, when other ministries failed to show up or follow through on their promises, these are the people that were there! They showed up and they gave 100% of themselves to the ministry and love of children. They have always gone above and beyond anything we have ever asked or desired. Our partnership and relationship has been slowly cultivating. We have been watching the miraculous unfold as they partner with Jesus in their ministry within Independence and across the nation. Their message of unity in the Body of Christ is so needed in this hour and we are honored to lock arms with them in bigger ways in the future.

Their newly acquired building is a life-skills training facility for those coming out of homelessness and addictions. They have a passion to stop the generational cycles of abuse and poverty in people’s lives. Not only will we be sharing office space, we will also be helping them provide training resources. Soon after they approached us with their generous offer we felt the Lord direct us to go in with a posture of serving, not getting. To serve their vision and bring our expertise and resources to help. This means we have offered to provide our Watchful Eye training for their surrounding neighborhood and to the individuals going through their programs. We also believe that this will include helping them with parenting classes that focus on breaking generational cycles of abuse. We may not be sure of all of the details yet, but what we do know is that we can accomplish more together than we can on our own!

Even though we know that this office space is a temporary step towards a more permanent home, we do believe that the relationship, resource sharing, and co-laboring together will be a long-term and ongoing partnership. We are excited to see all that God unfolds in the coming months and years.

Plan Use for Office Space & What is Needed

Video of Space:

Our plan is to use the space for offices, meetings, training, support groups, prayer meetings, etc. (the space on the right side of the entry door in the video). The adjoining space (the left side of the entry door in the video) we have offered to also help renovate and furnish for various childcare needs that all the facility users will have.

The facility is in great condition and just needs a little TLC and paint! Other than that it is basically ready to go! Here are the following needs we have and if you feel led to help in any way we would greatly appreciate it!

Renovation Items:

  • 20-25 gallons of commercial grade satin paint
  • 5 gallons of quality whiteboard paint
  • 3 gallons of chalkboard paint
  • 6 Hand Standard Size Rollers 
  • 12 Replacement Standard Size Rollers ⅜” Nap
  • 8 Drop clothes
  • 5 Edge cutting brushes
  • 3 Standard size roller paint pans
  • 15 Paint disposable paint pain inserts
  • Wall spackle/filler
  • Flat blade tool
  • Volunteers with painting skills
  • Volunteers to help with cleaning, setup, decorating, and moving

Kids Area Items:

  • 3 Kids wood toy/book shelves
  • 10 Large toy storage boxes
  • 5 Rocking/swivel glider chairs dark gray
  • 3 Baby changing station with storage area
  • 3 Diaper genie
  • 3 Extra Large Woven Baskets
  • Sensory & therapeutic toys
  • 2 Wall mounted sensory busy boards
  • 1 Flat screen 55” tv 
  • 1 Tilt & swivel tv mount
  • 2 Sets of kids table with 4 small chairs
  • 7 Quality dark tan or navy blue kids’ bean bags
  • 8’x10′ or 8’ round Shag dark gray rug
  • 2 Cribs on wheels
  • 2 Baby bed mattress
  • 4 Mattress Pads
  • 4 Crib Sheets

Meeting/Training Room Items:

  • 4 Large Matching Sofas (preferably dark gray or neutral with easy to clean fabric) 
  • 4 Swivel chairs
  • 2 Oval coffee tables
  • 2 Flat screen 55” tvs 
  • 2 Tilt & swivel tv mounts
  • 1 Large conference table (approx. 70”)
  • 8 Conference table chairs
  • 5 small accent tables
  • 5 Lamps
  • 1 L-Shaped Desk
  • 1 Desk mesh dark gray chair
  • 1 Chair clear mat
  • 1 Curved 27” monitor
  • 3 Large bookshelves
  • 1 Large wooden cross (not to exceed 6′ tall)

Office Area Items:

  • 2 L-Shaped Desks
  • 2 Desk mesh dark gray chairs
  • 2 Chair mats
  • 2 Curved 27” monitors
  • 3 Lockable vertical storage cabinets

See our Amazon wish list for more ideas and details:

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