Foster Care & Adoption Information Class

Foster care and adoption are practical ways you can engage in your community to impact and improve the trajectory of children’s lives. You will be on the frontlines, helping in the rehabilitation of families and rescue of children. Both realities exist in this work. This is why reality-based information and training is so important. Learn from those who have LIVED this reality first hand.

You Will Learn In This Class:

  • An Understanding of What is Expected of You
  • An Understanding of How the System Really Works 
  • Confidence that You are Making the Right Decision
  • Reduced Feelings of Intimidation or Obligation
  • Confidence to Initiate Important Conversations 
  • Actionable Items to Engage for the Well-Being of the Child 
Watchful Eye Child Abuse Prevention Training

Questions we will answer:

  • What is the projected need with Roe vs. Wade reversal?
  • How can we reduce the need for foster care long-term?
  • Differences between fostering and types of adoptions?
  • How do I know if I have what it takes?
  • How do I know if now is the right time?
  • What do we do if our family disagrees?
  • How do I protect my biological children through the process?

Candid Foster Care & Adoption Information

Trauma-Informed and Child-Centered

Because of the marketing and public narratives around fostering and adoption there is lots of misinformation. Causing many well-meaning adults to approach foster care or adoption with a desire to “save a child” or “get a family.” Often the desire to help is sincere, but naive. The recruitment agencies often omit the complex realities of fostering and adoption. Causing great people to approach complex situations with rose-colored glasses. Though innocent, great harm can occur when we fail to look at the painful realities of foster care and adoption from objective perspectives and experiences.

Often families are convinced to engage based on the “need” for children to have safe homes. No matter how desperate the need is, we must never dismiss the magnitude of the decision. Fostering and adoption is not for every family, but the need for child safety and protection is. It is imperative that we remove the emotional hype and answer hard questions. When we do, we can produce better long-term outcomes for everyone involved. We are here to empower more families to approach the process with a trauma-informed and child-centered focus.



The Need & Solution


Fostering vs adoption


How to Know if Your Ready


What are the next steps?


Questions to Ask Yourself


Navigating the Brokenness

Class Features

Interactive Training

Interactive, clickable, and visually appealing training. No long videos that will make you snooze! The content is engaging and colorful.

Mobile Responsive

Our platform is configured to adjust and fit any screen size, so from an interface perspective, it appears as an app functioning within the browser.

Multi-Perspective Course Content

Curated from collaboration with former foster children, adoptees, foster/adopt parents and child welfare professionals.

Self-Directed Learning Depth

Our course key provides self-directed learning depth options for every screen for additional learning.

Exclusive Big Picture Statistics

Statics provided shocking findings from 20 years of federal data and direct reports from frontline workers.

Accessible Anytime

Start and self-pace your learning experience anytime, anywhere through most devices.

empowering the protection of children thru reality-based training

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