Watchful Eye Child Safety & Abuse Prevention Training

10.18 Strategy’s Watchful Eye child safety and abuse prevention training was curated to teach the ONE ADULT how to recognize behavior patterns, adequately safeguard children, and prevent the many forms of child exploitation. You can be the “watchful eyes” for the children around you. Be the ONE who protects kids!

This interactive online training is self-paced and purposefully designed for you to self-direct your depth of learning.

You Will Learn in this Course:

  • How to Prevent & Avoid Danger
  • Recognizing Concerning Patterns of Behavior
  • Subtle Warning Signs to Look For
  • How to Know When Things are Escalating
  • Most Common Manipulation Methods Used
  • W.A.T.C.H. Assessment Tool
  • And Much More!

Be educated, equipped, and empowered to protect your kids! Watchful Eye is a training course curated from thousands of hours of collaboration with those with frontline lived and professional experiences. To provide you the most practical and strategic action to safeguard your children against exploitation of all forms.

This training provides insight into the patterns of behaviors that can be identified in both victims and perpetrators. As the methods used to exploit children continue to change rapidly, the patterns of behavior have remained consistent.



Watchful Eye Child Abuse Prevention Training

Course will Empower You With:

  • Actionable Guidance
  • Confidence in Your Ability to Discern and Protect
  • Knowledge of How to Prevent Harm
  • Skills to Know What to Do and When to Engage
  • Know the Important Things to Pay Attention To
  • Armed with Face-based Information vs. Opinions

This training Empowered Me as a Parent!

“I endured horrible abuse from a family friend growing up. I have lived in constant fear that I would be unable to protect my children and miss something. Your Watchful Eye training gave me such a feeling of being empowered to protect my kids and others. There were so many new tips that I learned and felt reassured by the measures I have taken to safeguard my children. I was very nervous that this training would be triggering for me, but your instructor made this hard topic feel very safe. I was shocked! Helping me make more sense of my history was also an unexpected bonus! Thank you!!!”




Recognizing Behavior Patterns


Subtle Signs in Children


Listening to Your Gut Instincts


Observations vs. Conclusions


Methods & Stages of Grooming


Surroundings to be Alert


Omit Opportunities


Keep Watch & Safeguard

Training Features

Interactive Training

Interactive, clickable, and visually appealing training. No long videos that will make you snooze! Also, the content is engaging and colorful.

Mobile Responsive

Our platform adjusts and fits any screen size. So, from an interface perspective, it appears as an app functioning within the browser.

Multi-Perspective Course Content

Curated from 600+ hours of collaboration with field experts, frontline workers, and victims.

Self-Directed Training Depth

Our course key provides self-directed training depth options for every screen for additional learning.

Exclusive Big Picture Statistics

Statics provided shocking findings from 20 years’ worth of federal data and direct reports from frontline workers.

Downloadable Quick Reference Guide

At the end of the course, our quick reference guide of the core course content is downloadable in a pdf format.

Practical Action Items

Obtain practical skills to prevent, identify, respond to, and report threats facing children.

Accessible Anytime

Start and self-pace your training experience anytime, anywhere through most devices.

empowering the protection of children thru reality-based training

Host a Training or Class For Your Group or church

Our training classes are available to be provided on location for your group, staff, or church.