About us

Our core purpose is to empower “We the People” to protect kids and transform the trajectory of their lives through positive outcomes and Christ-centered justice. Being a voice for the voiceless child is guided by our deep faith and our desire for no child ever to ask the sobering question again, “who will fight for me?” We do not focus on the brokenness of these realities, but instead, we focus on the lives changed by fighting for the protection and restoration of children, one life at a time. 

“The orphans and the oppressed will be terrified no longer, for you will bring them justice, and no one will trouble them.” Psalms 10:18

Our Mission

Increase child exploitation AWARENESS.
Empower child-centered ADVOCACY.
Mobilize community ACTION.

Our Purpose and Vision

To protect kids who are at-risk exploited, abused, neglected, abandoned, or forgotten. So that every child is safe, valued, loved, chosen, wanted, and cherished.

Who We Are

10.18 Strategy started due to a group of moms who took action. After they learned that most children within the Kansas City metro and throughout the United States who were reported as abused were not being protected through standard government programs.  

10.18 is a grassroots child advocacy and protection organization that brings awareness and solutions to this issue through a two-sided approach. 

  • Preventative action is taken by informing and training our citizens to be a “Watchful Eye” for the children around them. 
  • Responsive action is taken by equipping and coaching our citizens in the skills of child-centered advocacy amid complex systems and situations.

We are young, but we are growing and building the capacity to create lasting programs to protect children. Join us, and together “We the People” can be a catalyst of change for our Kansas City community and America’s most overlooked and endangered children!

Faith-Filled Strategy

We unite faith, family, and frontline advocacy to meet the needs of children desperately needing someone to step up and be their voice! By mobilizing and empowering the everyday Believer to be aware of what child abuse looks like, the signs of predator behavior, and what to do when you come across it is vitally essential to producing safe communities. We can be an effective voice of advocacy amid the noise of broken situations.