About us

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower adults to prevent and respond to child exploitation with Christ-centered justice.

Our Values

  • We are a Voice for the Voiceless. We bring from darkness to light child exploitation of any form, show the societal impacts of ignoring, and educate a concerned public on how to engage amid its complexities. 
  • We Empower Others’ Voices. Through child-centered advocacy training, we empower individuals of all experience levels to prevent exploitation and have an effective voice for children who are at-risk or in danger. 
  • We Execute Faith-Filled Strategy. Through collaboration & prayer, we seek out the blueprints of Heaven to mobilize and empower individuals and communities to engage in broken situations with spiritual and practical tools to protect kids.

The Meaning of Our Name

“The orphans and the oppressed will be terrified no longer, for You will bring them justice, and no one will trouble them.” Psalms 10:18

10.18 is based on the scripture above in Psalms 10:18. We unite faith, family, and frontline advocacy to execute strategy amid complex situations. Contending for Christ-centered justice and positive outcomes in the lives of at-risk and endangered children.

Our Story

10.18 Strategy was started by a group of moms and child advocates who learned that exploited children within the Kansas City metro area were not receiving protection. Our experience of working with abused children on the frontlines of foster care gave us the tools needed to tackle this issue head-on. Initially, we thought this would mean we would help with the recruitment of foster families.

As we launched 10.18, we came across decades of federal reports, which uncovered a vast need many frontline workers felt. Child exploitation is one of the most significant public issues our society faces today. Every report confirmed a horrific reality, the child exploitation epidemic in the United States is so massive that government programs or foster care can no longer be viewed as the solution. Instead, foster care is one of many tools for a much bigger, desperately needed solution. A solution that requires a movement of “We the American People.” A societal shift in how we educate caring adults to protect the children around them. 

A shocking theme began to surface as an untold number of victims shared their heart-wrenching stories with us. The vast majority had a loving and caring adult in their lives who did not know how to prevent their abuse or recognize that it was happening—knowing that the adults in their lives could have prevented it or more quickly responded caused us to look at everything differently.  

The “Watchful Eye” training was born out of this need for an educational program that could equip parents, grandparents, relatives, caregivers, educators, friends, and neighbors to be skilled at preventing and responding to child exploitation for the children around them. From our frontline experience, we knew that initial education solely was insufficient, and trainees also would need additional training, coaching, and resources.  So we have structured our service programs with 3 core objectives: educate, train, and guide. 

Foster care will always be close to our hearts. Many of us adopted children from foster care. We know first-hand that some children have no adults to protect them and programs like foster care are vital to their safety. This is why we also educate, train, and guide those who desire to be or are currently engaged in fostering, adoption, or child advocacy.

Being a voice for the voiceless child is guided by our deep faith and our desire for no child ever to ask the sobering question again, “who will fight for me?” We do not focus on the brokenness of these realities; instead, we focus on the lives changed by fighting for the protection and restoration of children, one life at a time. We know that transforming the trajectory of these children’s lives only comes from an unwavering commitment to prevent and respond to child exploitation of all forms. Amid these heart-wrenching realities, a hope-filled message of Christ-Centered Justice is imperative. Understanding that He saw and heard what no one else did and that He will avenge wrong is how we can remain steadfast in this vital work. 

Our organization is young, but our collective experiences in the care and welfare of endangered children span decades. We are growing and building the capacity to create lasting programs to protect children. Join us, and together “We the People” can be a catalyst of change for our Kansas City community and America’s exploited children!