The orphans and the oppressed will be terrified no longer, for You will bring them justice and no one will trouble them. Psalms 10.18


To Empower Adults to Prevent & Respond to Child Exploitation with Christ-Centered Justice!

The orphans and the oppressed will be terrified no longer, for You will bring them justice and no one will trouble them!

Psalms 10.18

Voice for the Voiceless

We bring from darkness to light child exploitation of any form, show the statistical impacts of ignoring, and educate a concerned public on how to engage for the sake of children amid its complexities. 

Empower Others’ Voices

Through child-centered advocacy training, we empower individuals of all experience levels to prevent exploitation and have an effective voice for children who are at-risk or in danger. 

Execute Faith-Filled Strategy

Through collaboration & prayer, we seek out the blueprints of Heaven to mobilize and empower individuals and communities to engage in broken situations with spiritual and practical tools to protect kids.

Our programs

What We Do

Our mission is to empower adults to prevent and respond to child exploitation with Christ-centered justice, accomplished by providing three core service programs. That educate, train, and aid with a child-centered focus. As a result, we become a catalyst for change inside and outside systematic structures.

Our work is propelled by the vision for children to be safe, valued, loved, chosen, wanted, and cherished. We know that prevention and quick response are possible, and we believe it is the purpose of caring adults to protect children. Child exploitation is one of the most significant public issues our society faces today. Most importantly, the time to take action is now! Federal reports confirm that the epidemic of child exploitation in the United States is now too big for government models to solve.

the solution

We Empower Our Citizens to Be Part of the Solution

Join the mass movement of adults around the nation who are gaining the knowledge & skills needed to protect children! As a result, we can make a societal shift in the familial cycle of abuse and produce long-term impact and positive outcomes for children.

Protect America's Children from Abuse and Exploitation thru We the People solutions

We need only 1% of adults in the United States to join the movement, and every child in America can have someone looking out for them!

We’re On A Mission to Reduce Child Exploitation in America.