Mandated Reporter Training

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

Mandated reporter training is recommended for anyone who wants to know how to effectively make a report of child abuse and neglect. If you work regularly with children, it is highly probable that your state requires you to report.

This training gives you the skills to make EFFECTIVE hotline reports for child abuse and neglect. This training is available for any citizen but written with mandated reporters in mind.

You Will Learn In This Course:

  • Guidance to Know if a Child is At-Risk or In-Danger
  • Definitions of the Types of Child Exploitation
  • Knowledge of When to Report
  • How Your Report is Processed When it is Made
  • Tips to Make Your Report More Effective
  • Ideas of What You Can do Amid CPS Inaction
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Course Will Empower You With:

  • How do you know when to report?
  • What is considered as abusive and damaging?
  • What happens once I make a report?
  • Are there legal ramifications if I don’t make a report?
  • How do I make a report?
  • What information is the most important to provide?

Finally a Practical Training on Reporting!

“As a teacher, I am a mandated reporter but our school district never provided training. This training was so informative and helpful not only on when and how to make a report. But also what I can do when Child Protective Services doesn’t take action for a child that I am concerned about. Thank you, thank you!”



Accessing Risk vs. Danger


Defining Exploitation


Information & Evidence


Process of Making a Report


When to Make a Report


Signs of Escalation to Look For


What information I need


What to do if CPS doesn’t Act

Class Features

Interactive Training

Interactive, clickable, and visually appealing training. No long videos that will make you snooze! The content is engaging and colorful.

Mobile Responsive

Our platform is configured to adjust and fit any screen size, so from an interface perspective, it appears as an app functioning within the browser.

Multi-Perspective Course Content

Curated from collaboration with former foster children, adoptees, foster/adopt parents and child welfare professionals.

Self-Directed Learning Depth

Our course key provides self-directed learning depth options for every screen for additional learning.

Exclusive Big Picture Statistics

Statics provided shocking findings from 20 years of federal data and direct reports from frontline workers.

Accessible Anytime

Start and self-pace your learning experience anytime, anywhere through most devices.

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Host a Training or Class For Your Group or church

Our training classes are available to be provided on location for your group, staff, or church.