15 million children

are exploited in the United States each year

One of the greatest mission fields in crisis is located within our backyards. Children are being exploited, abused, neglected, abandoned, and forgotten. They’re in our neighborhoods, churches, schools, and perhaps our own families. Child exploitation is all around us but do we see it?


child exploitation in the united states

We Define Child Exploitation As

Using a Child for Another Person’s Gain or Benefit

We have purposefully used the word “exploitation” over many other more common descriptions for a purposeful reason.

Government Programs Can’t Meet the Need

Many Americans perceive that child exploitation in our country is rare. Often based on a surface-level promise that our government agencies will care for abused, missing, or exploited children. However, federal reports confirm the experiences of frontline workers; child exploitation is one of the most significant public issues our society faces today. Every report confirms a horrific reality, child exploitation in the United States is so immense that government programs cannot meet the need. Instead, a mass movement of “We the People” is now imperative. A 20-year review of federal reports reveals:


OPEN EYE REPORT: Unmasking Child Exploitation in the United States

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The Rotten Tree of Child Exploitation

Child exploitation is a rotten tree growing rotten fruit, producing some of our most debilitating social and human issues. We often address the bad fruit, but the corrupt tree continues growing. We don’t do the norm because we don’t focus on the fruit (effects). As a PREVENTION organization, we are doing our best to follow the directives of Jesus and address the tree called child exploitation.

social impact and effects of child exploitation and abuse