Child Exploitation & Abuse in the United States

One of the greatest mission fields in crisis is located within our backyards. Children are being exploited, abused, neglected, abandoned, and forgotten. They’re in our neighborhoods, churches, schools, and perhaps our own families. It’s all around us but do we see it?

Federal reports confirm that the epidemic of child exploitation in the United States is now too big for government models to solve. Programs like foster care are in constant crisis to meet the demand, yet they only provide protective care to 3% of the 8 million reported victims. As reports have continued to climb by more than 50%, some experts still project that nearly two-thirds of victims’ abuse is unreported, and an estimated 10 to 15 million children are exploited annually in the United States.

Government Programs Can’t Meet the Need

The vast majority of the American public falsely believes that we do not have an issue with child exploitation in our country. Based on a surface-level promise that our government agencies will take care of children reported as abused, missing, or exploited. However, federal reports confirm the vast need many frontline workers have felt; child exploitation is one of the most significant public issues our society faces today. Every report confirms a horrific reality, the child exploitation epidemic in the United States is so massive that government programs or foster care can no longer be viewed as the solution. Instead, foster care is one of many tools for a much bigger, desperately needed solution. 20-year comparison of federal reports reveals:

  • 57% increase in the number of children reported as exploited
  • 41% increase of child fatalities from exploitation
  • Children entering protective care have been cut by half from 6% to 3% of those reported as abused.
  • In just ten years, child abuse videos and images have increased by over 1,700%. 

Top Child Exploitation & Abuse Statistics

By increasing your awareness and education on the realities of child exploitation in the U.S., we help you be fully aware of the situation facing our nation’s children and what you can do about it. The 10.18 Strategy “Open Eye Report” includes shocking findings from 20 years worth of federal data and reports from experienced frontline advocates. Click below to request your copy of the open eye report.