The Solution:

Child exploitation is one of the most significant public issues our society faces today. The time to take action is now! As reports have continued to climb by more than 50%, some experts still project that nearly two-thirds of victims’ abuse is unreported, and an estimated 10 to 15 million children are exploited annually in the United States. The need is significant, but the solution is simple…

“We the People” are the Catalyst for Change

Protect America's Children from Abuse and Exploitation thru We the People solutions
We need only 1% of adults in the United States to be involved,
and every child in America can have someone looking out for them!

A movement of “We the American People” is desperately needed. A societal shift in how we educate adults to prevent and respond to child exploitation for the children around them..

    • We prevent exploitation by educating the public on the evidence-based reality of child exploitation in the United States and training them to recognize patterns of behavior in both victims and perpetrators through our proprietary “Watchful Eye Training.” 
    • We respond to child exploitation by guiding adults in the realities of fighting for children on the frontlines and training them to be an influential voice amid complex systems and situations through our proprietary “Steadfast Child-Centered Advocacy Training.” 

Our approach is unconventional because the need is too big and too urgent to become another child welfare organization that settles within the constraints of our current broken system. These children’s lives depend on our innovative and dedicated action, and we will not fail them.