What We Do

We empower parents, grandparents, relatives, caregivers, educators, and neighbors to be the skilled “watchful eyes” and advocates that protect the children around them. 

One-of-Kind Model

Our one-of-kind model mobilizes preventative and responsive action to children who are at-risk, exploited, abused, neglected, abandoned, or forgotten.

Teaching the public about the hidden realities of child exploitation within the United States and its societal impacts on us as families and as communities.

Training of individuals, no matter their level of experience, with the simplified assessment and advocacy skills needed to recognize and effectively take action for an endangered child.

Coaching engaged individuals amid their specific circumstances to take strategic action to protect a child that they are concerned about.

Our Programs

We educate the public on the hidden realities of child exploitation in the United States and the societal impacts on our families and our communities. One of the most significant mission fields in crisis is in our backyards. We inform and propel the public to be the solution through a hope-filled message that “We the People” are the catalyst of change for exploited children. 

Advocacy is about educating, equipping, and empowering individuals of all experience levels to be an effective voice for children. By providing online training, in person training, advocacy coaching, & resources, we empower them with the confidence and skills needed to protect kids through preventative action and child-entered advocacy. So they can be a voice that turns their outcry for injustice into a practical and strategic action plan to impact the lives of children that produces positive outcomes. 

We mobilize individuals and communities to take action and protect the kids around them by creating a safety net to catch as many kids who fall through the gaps of social services as possible. Creating safe and loving spaces where they can see their community rising to protect them. We do this by engaging citizens to share the cause, serve the community, & support the mission.