18 Ways You Impact Kids Lives

What You Can Do to Help Kids

We mobilize individuals and communities to take action and help kids. We engage our citizens in both preventative and responsive measures. So that safe and loving spaces are created, and children can see their community rising to protect them.


Start Your Learning

Get training to prevent and respond to child exploitation within your family and community.


Serve the children

The time to take action is now! One of the most significant mission fields in crisis is in your backyard. Join us in serving children on the frontlines.


Support Our Work

Thanks to donors like you, 10.18 is leading a charge of We the American People to prevent, identify, respond, and report child exploitation.

Join the Movement to PREVENT child Exploitation!

There is always a starting point for every great movement—a place where you become aware of a need and decide to be the solution.  Join the mass movement of adults around the nation who are gaining the knowledge & skills needed to protect children!