Community Action: Volunteer & Help

We mobilize individuals and communities to take action. To protect the kids around them by creating a safety net to catch as many kids who fall through the gaps of social services as possible. We do this by engaging our citizens in preventative and responsive action for children who are at-risk, exploited, abused, neglected, abandoned, or forgotten. So that safe and loving spaces are created, and endangered children can see their community rising to protect them. 

10 Ways You Can Serve The Strategy

People often ask us, what else can I do besides be a Watchful Eye that protects the kids around me? Getting involved in the bigger Strategy is what you can do! Whatever your talent or burden you carry, 10.18 has a place for you to serve. Our mission is huge! It’s bigger than us, and we need everyone to get involved! See where you fit into the Strategy.

Share The Cause

Serve The Community

Support The Mission