Child Protection & Advocacy

Reality-Based Training

Turn your outcry for injustice into a practical and strategic action that can impact and improve the trajectory of children’s lives. Child protection and advocacy are about pursuing a positive outcome for a child without a personal objective for gain. As a result, child-centered advocacy makes the child’s interest the sole focus of all communication, actions, and decisions.

 Our child protection and advocacy programs are for individuals of all experience levels. Most importantly, this program contains a solid Biblical basis, as the life of Jesus is the ideal model for what advocacy is.

Watchful Eye Child Abuse Prevention Training

What’s Taught in Advocacy Training:

  • Effective Emotional Intelligence – gives you the confirmation that you are ready. And able to utilize the emotional, social, and relational skills needed to engage in broken situations.
  • Purpose Driven Professionalismgives you the ability to be a strategic voice. So, your heard amid the opinionated noise of broken situations, systems, and societies.
  • God-Driven Game Plan – no matter your experience level, you can obtain an eternal perspective. And focus on being an effective child advocate.
  • Faith-Filled Advocacygives you the steadfastness to engage in the spiritual battle fought over a child’s life trajectory, thereby interrupting destructive generational cycles.
  • Applying Advocacy Strategies – gives you the ability to use a peace-filled process that empowers positive strategic outcomes for the child, yourself, your family, and other parties involved.


Child-Centered Advocacy Training

Our human nature, especially amid complex situations, is to communicate our thoughts, opinions, perspectives, feelings, and desires in a situation. So, our advocacy training focuses on providing you with the skills to minimize your predispositions and professionally advocate for the child’s interest. Also, the need for advocates in ALL spheres where children are at-risk, vulnerable, or in danger continues to increase! The fundamental basics of child-centered advocacy are effective in all situations, especially amid complex and broken systems like foster care, legal systems, school systems, etc. Consequently, trained adults are desperately needed inside and outside these systems where children are often vulnerable.

Training Features

Interactive Training

Interactive, clickable, and visually appealing training. So, no long videos that make you snooze! Content is engaging and colorful.

Mobile Responsive

Our platform is configured to adjust and fit to any screen size, so from an interface perspective, it appears as an app functioning within the browser.

Multi Perspective Course Content

Curated from 600+ hours of collaboration with field experts, frontline workers, and victims.

Self Directed Training Depth

Our course key provides self-directed training depth options for every screen for additional learning.

Exclusive Big Picture Statistics

Statics provided from shocking findings from 20 years’ worth of federal data and direct reports from frontline workers.

Downloadable Quick Reference Guide

At the end of the course, our quick reference guide of the core course content is downloadable in a pdf format.

Practical Action Items

Obtain practical skills to advocate for children amid complex situations and systems.

Accessible Anytime

Moreover, start and self-pace your training experience anytime, anywhere through most devices.

We’re On A Mission to Reduce Child Exploitation in America.