How We Protect Children

we Educate, Train & Aid

Our mission to empower adults to prevent and respond to child exploitation is accomplished through our three core service programs that educate, train, and aid our citizens to safeguard and protect the children around them.

The Rotten Tree of Child Exploitation

Child exploitation is a rotten tree growing rotten fruit, producing some of our most debilitating social and human issues. We often address the bad fruit, but the corrupt tree continues growing. We don’t do the norm because we don’t focus on the fruit (effects). As a PREVENTION organization, we are doing our best to follow the directives of Jesus and address the tree called child exploitation.

social impact and effects of child exploitation and abuse

The Solution

Power of ONE caring adult

In review of thousands of victim’s gripping stories, several common key points emerged:

The orphans and the oppressed will be terrified no longer, for You will bring them justice and no one will trouble them. Psalms 10.18