Child Abuse Prevention

Watchful Eye Training

Watchful Eye is about giving you practical and strategic action for child abuse prevention. So, that you can impact and improve the trajectory of children’s lives. Having a Watchful Eye is about being engaged, alert, and educated about how to prevent, identify, respond to, and report threats.

The 50+ million survivors of childhood sexual abuse in the U.S. can confirm the reality that the national child exploitation stats include a large majority of children who have loving and caring adults in their lives. We are here to help you confidently know how to reduce risk, prevent harm, and improve early intervention.

You Will Learn:

  • 3 Essential Keys to Preventing Harm
  • 5 Types of Exploitation and How to Identify
  • 16 Subtle Warning Signs to Look For
  • 8 Warning Signs of Escalation
  • 16 Red Flags of Manipulation
  • W.A.T.C.H. Assessment Tool
Watchful Eye Child Abuse Prevention Training

be Empowered With:

  • Actionable Guidance
  • Confidence in Your Ability to Discern and Protect
  • Knowledge of How to Prevent Harm
  • Skills to Know What to Do and When to Engage
  • Know the Important Things to Pay Attention To
  • Armed with Face-based Information vs. Opinions

National Child Exploitation Stats

Include Children With Loving and Caring Adults

An untold number of victims have shared their heart-wrenching stories with us. As a result, we have wept, held, and cried with many as they have shared the horrors they have experienced. Many of them tell their stories to us for the very first time. In addition, the vast majority had a loving and caring adult in their lives who did not know how to prevent or recognize the abuse happening. In short, if the adults in their lives knew what to do, they could have helped to prevent or stop their abuse! Likewise, our country’s 50 million adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse can confirm these sobering realities. To make the desperately needed impact, we must first be aware of the systematic failures and assess the gaps in which children don’t get help. So, we must become innovative in providing child abuse prevention and early detection.




The Need & Solution


Identifying Child Exploitation


Assessing Risk vs Danger


Making Official Reports


Characteristics of Perpetrators


How to Prevent Exploitation


Advocating Amid Inaction

Training Features

Interactive Training

Interactive, clickable, and visually appealing training. No long videos that will make you snooze! Also, the content is engaging and colorful.

Mobile Responsive

Our platform adjusts and fits any screen size. So, from an interface perspective, it appears as an app functioning within the browser.

Multi-Perspective Course Content

Curated from 600+ hours of collaboration with field experts, frontline workers, and victims.

Self-Directed Training Depth

Our course key provides self-directed training depth options for every screen for additional learning.

Exclusive Big Picture Statistics

Statics provided shocking findings from 20 years’ worth of federal data and direct reports from frontline workers.

Downloadable Quick Reference Guide

At the end of the course, our quick reference guide of the core course content is downloadable in a pdf format.

Practical Action Items

Obtain practical skills to prevent, identify, respond to, and report threats facing children.

Accessible Anytime

Start and self-pace your training experience anytime, anywhere through most devices.

Child Abuse and Exploitation Prevention and Mandated Reporter Training


the Skills to Not Dismiss Concerns

The first and most crucial element to protecting kids is to resolve that you will respond quickly to any concerns. Listening to the nudges and keeping a Watchful Eye doesn’t mean you have to conclude about a person or situation. It does mean that you are deciding not to rule out those concerns and to take action to reduce risks and protect. Our human nature is to run and hide from hard things. We must never forget that an abused child cannot run or hide. They need a caring adult to carry the responsibility and fight for them. 

The orphans and the oppressed will be terrified no longer, for You will bring them justice and no one will trouble them. Psalms 10.18

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